Insured Account

Insured Account,

What is The Definition of Insured Account?

  • Accounts in a bank, savings and credit association, credit union or brokerage owned by a private or state insurance agency.

Literal Meanings of Insured Account


Meanings of Insured:
  1. Covered by insurance.

  2. Insured person or organization.

Sentences of Insured
  1. Insured car

  2. Benefit from the death of the insured


Meanings of Account:
  1. Details of reports or events or experiences.

  2. A record or report of financial income and expenditure relates to a specific period or purpose.

  3. An agreement under which the organization retains funds on behalf of the customer or provides goods or services to the customer on credit.

  4. An agreement that gives users access to a computer, website or application by personally entering a username and password.

  5. Look or look in a certain way.

Sentences of Account
  1. A detailed explanation of what has been achieved

  2. The ledger contains accounts for all income and expenses

Synonyms of Account

description, report, version, story, narration, narrative, statement, news, explanation, exposition, interpretation, communiqué, recital, rendition, sketch, delineation, portrayal, tale, financial record, book