Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS)

Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS),

What Does Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS) Mean?

A mechanism developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissions (NAEC) to help states monitor the financial health of insurers. The IRIS matrix is ​​a set of matrix designed to measure solvency and liquidity. They are calculated from the annual profits of the insurance company registered with NAIC, and the insurers who fail one or more tests can be monitored by their local regulatory agency.

Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS) means, The Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS) is a mechanism developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to help states assess the financial health of insurers. Regulatory authorities primarily oversee insurance companies to ensure that they do not go bankrupt and that is why so many people lose out on insurance coverage.

You can define Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS) as, Introduced by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in 1974 to identify insurance companies that may require more regular review.

A solvency monitoring system for insurance commissioners (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) and state insurance regulators that was introduced in the mid-1970s.

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