Insurance Pool

Insurance Pool,

How Do You Define Insurance Pool?

  1. An insurance group is a group of insurance companies for a particular company, usually when the financial risk for a company is very high and can only be managed through joint resources.

  2. You can define Insurance Pool as, A group of insurance companies that can back up their assets and therefore offer far greater coverage than individual companies that can insure significant risks, such as nuclear power plants. A foundation can be established, either voluntarily or with a government mandate, to cover risks that cannot be covered in the voluntary market, for example, coastal properties are subject to hurricanes.

Literal Meanings of Insurance Pool


Meanings of Insurance:
  1. The methods or contracts used by companies or government agencies provide a guarantee of certain damages, injuries, illnesses or death in return for payment of premiums.

Sentences of Insurance
  1. Maintaining a high standard of personal conduct is an excellent guarantee against personal problems.

Synonyms of Insurance

surety, cover, protection, precaution, indemnification, security, defence, immunity, provision, shelter, safeguard, preventive measure, safety measure, financial protection, indemnity


Meanings of Pool:
  1. A small area of ​​shallow water that is usually found naturally.

  2. (Water or other liquid) forms hollow on the floor or other surface.

  3. Provide spare vehicles or equipment as needed.

  4. A form of billiards in which to hit all the balls with a round cube ball. There are many versions of the game, such as live billiards or eight ball.

  5. A group of candidates participating in the tournament for the right to advance to the next round.

  6. Competitive, illegally in most countries, sharing an agreement between competing parties to set a price or end competition.

  7. (Two or more individuals or organizations) put (money or other assets) in a mutual fund.

Sentences of Pool
  1. The lake's natural water is exchanged for pond water to keep it clean.

  2. The oil had accumulated behind the walls of the gorge and was slowly flowing into the river.

  3. The oldest vehicle in the fleet

  4. However, in summer, rooms are open on Thursdays and Saturday evenings for those who want to play billiards or billiards.

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  6. Competing with network packaging contracts reduces individual costs

  7. Sign profitable and profitable investment agreements

Synonyms of Pool

store, reserve, common supply, stockpile, pond, fund, reservoir, accumulation, reserves, storehouse, hoard, puddle, cache, stock, supply, backlog