Insurable value

Insurable value,

Definition of Insurable value:

  1. Replacement cost or actual cash value of a building for which standard insurance policies provide indemnity cover. Insurable value is less than the propertys appraised or market value because it excludes the value of land on which the building stands. The formula for computing the insurable value is usually stated in the valuation clause of a policy document. See also insured value.

Meaning of Insurable value & Insurable value Definition

Insurable Value,

What is Insurable Value?

The cost of insurance participation conducted by the insurer in the insured program or event. This is the amount paid by the insurer (with full insurance) in case of complete loss or destruction of the ill property.

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Meanings of Value:
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Sentences of Value
  1. Its estimated value. 45,000

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