Insultos En Guarani

Insultos En Guarani

Please insult Gorani.

uuuuuuuuuuy yah ... I don't like to be insulted so I will try ha ha)

eike nde revikuápe: Enter your ■■■ ...

Nde añaRay !: son of io.

¡Aà± amemby !: The daughter of the devil.

Asarco: ****

Nde Aà± arakópeguare!: You are from Aaca. born

Ehna eiro túnare mbae: It is better to peel the skin for tuna.

Roa TV: Stupid face

Okay, and they're translated too, they don't look so bad hahaha p they don't hurt you unless they make you laugh in garan that language is great, for insult, hahaha if you know How to commit a crime.

If you want me to translate something, ask me.

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PS: A picture told them that there is a bad script and many of them are more from Argentina than from Paraguay, others are written in Spanish ... I don't want to discredit, maybe their identity is wrong. Hello pictures

My name is Aldana.

Hey, Ray! = Son U!

Member of Sde Aña! = The child has a bad feeling.

Asarako! = Bad expression of sadness.

Sde Añarakópeguare! = ¡You, who are from Âaca!

NdeVõro! = احمق

Nde Tavy piko! = Are you crazy, crazy?

Nde tavyetà© my voi! = You are really stupid.

Insultos En Guarani

Insultos En Guarani

He, here I send you to them:


Poor trouble.

Cry Question: My player ....

Aña imprisonment: son of the devil.

Bolak: Excessive liar.

Kafaz: Lazy, bandit. Bad life

Cazcarrientos: Dirty Dirty

cro: thief

Flashlight: Briggs.

Esp, help you, our appearance.

Insultos En Guarani