Definition of Insulation:

  1. Material that delays or prevents the progress or transmission of electricity, heat, humidity, shock or sound from one element or medium to another.

  2. The act of isolating something.

Synonyms of Insulation

Padding, Fuse, Alien, Preventive, Knuckle guard, Seat belt, Isolation, Contraceptive, Dodger, Outsider, Quarantine, Outcast, Narrowness, Hand guard, Palladium, Jim Crow, Know-nothingism, Safeguard, Crash helmet, Pilot, Protective umbrella, Windshield, Racial segregation, Safety rail, Safety, Face mask, Cushion, Buffer, Shield, Out-group, Dashboard, Pad, Interlock, Life preserver, Goggles, Prophylactic, Guard, Protective clothing, Handrail, Foreigner, Screen, Seclusion, Persona non grata, Governor, Fender, Stranger, Safety shoes, Umbrella, Hard hat, Safety glass, Race hatred, Patent, Shin guard, Lightning rod, Mudguard, Windscreen, Bulwark, Aegis, Xenophobia, Parochialism, Foot guard, Finger guard, Separation, Nose guard, Safety switch, Exclusiveness, Laminated glass, Lifeline, Tightness, Safety valve, Insularity, Lightning conductor, Apartheid, Knee guard, Mask, Segregation, Division, Snobbishness, Bumper, Sun helmet, Copyright, Guardrail, Color bar, Safety plug, Ethnocentrism, Helmet

How to use Insulation in a sentence?

  1. Keep your home warm with insulation.

Meaning of Insulation & Insulation Definition

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