Definition of Insubordination:

  1. Complete refusal or failure to comply with the legal mandate assigned by the elders. If the legality of this assignment is in doubt, the correct way is to act in protest and then submit a letter of complaint. In other words, work now, cry later.

  2. Despite having authority, he refuses to obey orders.

Synonyms of Insubordination

Undutifulness, Indocility, Infraction, Recusancy, Willful disobedience, Nonconformity, Lawlessness, Mutiny, Interregnum, Willfulness, Unduteousness, Misconduct, Unrestraint, Naughtiness, Waywardness, Irresponsibility, Civil disobedience, Indiscipline, Disobedience, Passive resistance, Power vacuum, Unsubmissiveness, Troublemaking, Infringement, Uncontrol, Disobedience, Nonobedience, Violation, License, Transgression, Frowardness, Waywardness, Noncooperation, Noncompliance, Uncooperativeness, Unruliness, Licentiousness, Bad behaviour, Intractability, Misbehaviour, Lawbreaking, Rampant will, Unaccountability, Indiscipline, Delinquency

How to use Insubordination in a sentence?

  1. He was released on bail.
  2. For their disobedience, the soldier was immediately taken to court and reprimanded, stripped of his duties and titles.
  3. John's boss told him never to use the blue mark on the blackboard. John really likes blue, so he keeps using it in his presentation. Later, John was reprimanded by the boss for his disobedience.
  4. This personal act was seen as backbiting by his commander because he refused direct orders without explanation.

Meaning of Insubordination & Insubordination Definition