Definition of Instrumentality:

  1. Quality of being an instrument.

  2. The legal groundwork for instrumentality is based on the Necessary and Proper Clause of the U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Section 8), which precludes federal and state governments from taxing either's governmental operations. Instrumentality also provides for the backing of government agency obligations based on the full faith and credit of the federal government.

  3. Agency or means by which an entity accomplishes its functions, fulfills its obligations, or realizes its objectives.

  4. An instrumentality is a government agency or corporation that acts independently in carrying out work for the public good. Instrumentalities may exist and operate at the federal, state, or municipal levels depending on the entity.

  5. Government agency (such as a municipality) whose obligations (such as bonds) are backed by the full faith and credit guaranty of the national (federal) government.

  6. The fact or quality of serving as an instrument or means to an end; agency.

Synonyms of Instrumentality

Means of communication, Means of expression, Mode of expression, Means, Method, Way, Form, Agency, Channel, Forum, Agency, Agent, Channel, Device, Energy, Expedient, Force, Going between, Instrument, Instrumentation, Intermediation, Machinery, Mean, Mechanism, Mediation, Medium, Might, Ministry, Organ, Power, Recourse, Resort, Service, Vehicle

How to use Instrumentality in a sentence?

  1. A corporate body can act only through the instrumentality of human beings.
  2. Privately owned or operated organizations are not instrumentalities, as recognized by the federal government or otherwise.
  3. A public park or recreational public swimming pool may be considered an instrumentality.
  4. Some organizations that carry out a public purpose may not always be an instrumentality.

Meaning of Instrumentality & Instrumentality Definition