Definition of Institutional:

  1. Of, in, or like an institution or institutions.

  2. Relating to, formulated by, or managed by an institution. Governments often implement institutional programs such as subsidized housing and welfare programs for underprivileged citizens. Higher educational facilities also offer institutional programs such as grants, scholarships, and work study options for students. Anything institutional will consist of certain rules and regulations that must be abided by in order to participate in the program.

How to use Institutional in a sentence?

  1. Institutional care.
  2. You must try to always keep institutional control as a leader so that you know everyone is doing things right.
  3. The institutional decision was reflective of the larger process or hierarchy in the organization which in turn reflected the institutional goals.
  4. My friend was going through some strange times and I looked into some institutional programs that might help him out.

Meaning of Institutional & Institutional Definition