Instalment Sale

Instalment Sale,

Instalment Sale Meanings:

Instalment Sale definition is: Sales for which rewards are received in installments or different installments.

Literal Meanings of Instalment Sale


Meanings of Instalment:
  1. Equivalent to an agreed term, an amount due out of several equivalent payments for an amount.

  2. Any of the many parts of anything that is regularly posted, broadcast or published in a sequence.

  3. The process of installing something through installation.

Sentences of Instalment
  1. The first installment of housing assistance

  2. Photoshoot of the last part of his Vietnamese trilogy

  3. Payments begin early next year.

Synonyms of Instalment

section, portion, part, segment, partial payment, bit, part payment, division


Meanings of Sale:
  1. Exchanging goods for money, selling something.

  2. The period of time that the retailer sells the item at a discount.

Sentences of Sale
  1. We give up selling

  2. License sale

Synonyms of Sale

vending, deal, bargain, selling, transaction, disposal