Installment Tail Coverage

Installment Tail Coverage,

Definition of Installment Tail Coverage:

  1. Purchase extended reporting period (ERP, also called tail coverage) for multi-year liability insurance. Since ERP premiums are accrued from the outset, this alternative was developed to eliminate the credit risk in many markets that arises if the policyholder can purchase a coverage driver. Usually 3 years or unlimited in installments. .

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Meanings of Installment:
  1. An amount owed is one of several equivalent payments of an item spread over a given period.

  2. Any portion of anything that is periodically posted, transmitted or released.

  3. The process of installing something.

Sentences of Installment
  1. First payment of housing assistance

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  3. Payments begin early next year

Synonyms of Installment

part, bit, division, segment, section, part payment, partial payment, portion


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Synonyms of Tail

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Meanings of Coverage:
  1. To the extent that something speaks to something else or applies to something else.