Definition of Install:

  1. Place (someone) in a new position of authority, especially with ceremony.

  2. Place or fix (equipment or machinery) in position ready for use.

  3. Set up. Joe was ready to remove his old oven and install the new one. Often used in reference to computer programs, for example She needed to install a copy of Microsoft Office onto her new laptop..

Synonyms of Install

Allocate, Anoint, Assign, Base, Bring up, Broach, Build, Build in, Chair, Christen, Collocate, Connect, Constitute, Crown, Deploy, Dispose, Effect, Effectuate, Emplace, Enlist, Enroll, Enthrone, Establish, Fit, Fix, Float, Form, Found, Get a fix, Ground, Home in on, Inaugurate, Incept, Induct, Initiate, Instate, Institute, Introduce, Invest, Launch, Lay the foundation, Lift up, Localize, Locate, Materialize, Navigate, Ordain, Organize, Pin down, Pinpoint, Pitch, Place, Place in office, Plant, Position, Put, Put in, Put in place, Put up, Raise, Realize, Ring in, Seat, Set, Set agoing, Set on foot, Set up, Settle, Sign on, Sign up, Situate, Spot, Start going, Start up, Throne, Triangulate, Turn on, Usher in, Vest, Zero in on, Swear in, Induct, Instate, Inaugurate, Invest, Institute, Introduce, Appoint, Admit to office, Take on, Put, Position, Place, Put in place, Set in place, Fix, Fit, Locate, Situate, Station, Site, Lodge, Establish

How to use Install in a sentence?

  1. He was installed as music director at the Cathedral of St. Barbara in Cracow.
  2. Were planning to install a new shower.

Meaning of Install & Install Definition

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