Instagram Marketing

You own a brand and want people to recognize it with ease but building a brand is one of the most challenging tasks ever. Be it on a social media network, such as Instagram or otherwise, you need to rev up your strategies to experience the good. Instagram is one of the most happening social media platforms to choose today.

Know the goals

Before moving ahead with the Instagram posts, you need to ask yourself why your brand is suitable for Instagram.

What are the objectives of your brand and how do you think Instagram can help you accomplish them? Here are the things you may have in mind venturing into brand building through Instagram.

  • You may be eager to spread awareness about your brand
  • Acquiring new customers may be your motive
  • You may plan to connect with the existing customers
  • You may want to boost your social media presence
  • Eager to grow a community of followers

Instagram is one of the most visually pleasing platforms on the internet and focuses on images. No wonder this social media platform leverages on great images and creative content to reach the audience. If brand awareness is one of the things you have in mind, here is presenting you several options to go ahead with your wish.

Know the theme

Once you are through with the business goals, it is time you look for the theme. Often, businesses move ahead without a proper theme and go on posting quotes randomly. Ideally, you need to get to the focus that matches the persona of your business. Adhering to the theme that is suitable for your brand makes real sense. If you are not aware of how to choose the business theme, you can look for inspirations from elsewhere. You are sure to garner good ideas from other business accounts.

Create a style

When it comes to generation of leads through Instagram, you may find it a daunting task. With millions of businesses trying to get their nose through the top, the ultimate goal of a brand is to stand out unique. Therefore, choose the style carefully when portraying your brand on this social media network. For instance, you can go for natural, vintage, white, tropical, and various other styles that resonate with your business.

You can create the style with varied tools as the patterns of colors you choose influence the buying decision of customers to a great extent. If you have already established your brand and logo on the other social media networks, you can go ahead with them. Once you choose the style pattern, you can also add colors to your content and try to adhere to it to make your Instagram page more organized. Even if the content varies in different posts, you need to make the colors uniform and consistent to make it more attractive.

Using quality content

As one of the most popular social media platforms that thrive on crafty visuals, the audience is more likely to judge your brand from its appearance before delving into the details. Therefore, the content you post must include high quality images. You are familiar with the idea that most of the social media campaigns leverage on enticing images.

The images you post on Instagram must not only be attractive but they need to be unique and have an individuality of its own. Whether you need to post about your latest product launch or the opening of another store in another location, you can rely on pre-designed templates and themes o accomplish your aim within a set budget. However, you can also buy likes for IG from authentic sources to give your brand a boost.

Using live stream and video

The option of video and live chat can take your brand further as the prospective clients may be compelled to buy your stuff. Undoubtedly, leveraging on message and voice to reach out to the audience is a more fascinating option. Even though it is not the only strategy to make your brand more prominent but it creates urgency among the followers that if they miss the live feed, they cannot get the message you want to convey.

The video of Instagram is another powerful tool allowing you to share short videos with the audience. Given the patience level of most of the audience following your brand, the short snippets are encouraging and good to watch. All you need is post them about two to three times every week to enjoy the benefits. You can also combine video with interesting images in between to make them versatile.

Staying active

One of the ways to build your brand on Instagram is to create a community but you need to stay active and follow others to achieve your aim. Apart from this, you can comment on the profiles of other people and like their photos. Even if it sounds rather bland, the strategy still works.

Working around with hashtags

If you are trying to collect maximum footage, using hashtags is a good idea. Are you sceptical about using hashtags as you do not know how to apply it successfully? Try to follow your competitors or the influencers in your niche to get better exposure.

Get the followers from your competitors

Your competitors in the industry have already had a lot and may have successfully collected a huge base of followers. However, to get your competitors’ followers, you need to identify who are close and the popular business accounts in the industry. You can also look for hashtags and keywords related to your brand to know the keywords your competitors use. Once you start following the accounts of competitors, you comment on their photos or send them direct messages to let them know about your brand.

As Instagram is a constantly-evolving platform, you can come across several features to solidify your brand but the trick is to use them appropriately. With a lot of patience and commitment, you need to work towards reinforcing your brand. Watch out for the changes and updates regularly to know what can make your brand more recognizable in front of the audience and compel them to buy your products and services.