Inspector(s) of election

Inspector(s) of election,

Definition of Inspector(s) of election:

  1. An individual or group of people utilized to ensure elections are conducted in an open and honest manner and that all voters have equal opportunity with every aspect of voting. There are basic requirements dictated by different states Board of Elections that inspectors must meet in order to qualify.

  2. An official employed to ensure that official regulations are obeyed, especially in public services.

  3. A police officer ranking below a superintendent or police chief.

Synonyms of Inspector(s) of election

Examiner, Checker, Scrutinizer, Scrutineer, Investigator, Surveyor, Assessor, Appraiser, Reviewer, Analyst

How to use Inspector(s) of election in a sentence?

  1. Inspector Simmons.
  2. A prison inspector.

Meaning of Inspector(s) of election & Inspector(s) of election Definition