Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports,

Inspection Reports Definition:

An insurance company report or one of the many inspection services available that assess the ethical, financial and physical aspects of the risk.

An appraisal is assigned by the lender to assess the quality of the apartment. This usually includes a termite report and a thorough home inspection. Other information that may be requested includes inspection of roof, foundation, geology and septic tank.

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Meanings of Inspection:
  1. Inspection or control.

Sentences of Inspection
  1. On closer inspection, it looks like fossils

Synonyms of Inspection

scan, investigation, look-over, review, evaluation, appraisal, check-up, examination, scrutiny, survey, probe, assessment, view, check, perusal, observation, exploration


Meanings of Reports:
  1. Make an oral or written report about something you have observed, heard, done or learned.

  2. Think formally as if you have reached a certain place or are ready to do something.

  3. Responsible (for supervisor or supervisor)

  4. The record of a particular case, especially in the form of an official document, is made after an inquiry or in-depth examination by a designated person or body.

  5. Information is not corroborated by corroborated evidence.

  6. Sudden loud noise or explosion or sound like a gunshot.

  7. An employee who is dependent on another employee.

  8. Reputation of someone or something.

Sentences of Reports
  1. The Minister reported a decline in milk production

  2. Stewart was due to be released on parole on Monday

  3. President's Annual Report

  4. Reports of a presidential resignation circulate

  5. All our horses are very polite and accustomed to the sound of 0.22. To listen

Synonyms of Reports

review, describe, delineate, present oneself, news, stature, standing, arrive, reputation, intelligence, tell of, shot, bang, word, account, delineation, appear, outline, sign in, regard, pop, record, blast, repute