Inspection Fees

Inspection Fees,

How Do You Define Inspection Fees?

  1. Mandatory boiler inspection costs. Received in full at the time of payment (not part of real estate policy premium or ongoing engineering costs).

Literal Meanings of Inspection Fees


Meanings of Inspection:
  1. Check or control.

Sentences of Inspection
  1. On closer inspection, it looked like fossils

Synonyms of Inspection

examination, assessment, review, probe, check, scrutiny, scan, observation, view, perusal, survey, look-over, exploration, evaluation, investigation, check-up, appraisal


Meanings of Fees:
  1. Payment to professionals or professionals or public agencies in exchange for consulting services or services.

Sentences of Fees
  1. They have to pay a legal fee of 3,000

  2. Others now offer discounts to consumers when they purchase software for their free online service.

Synonyms of Fees

handout, give payment to, wage, payment, emolument, recompense, stipend, salary, allowance, pay, reimburse, reward