Definition of Insider:

  1. A person who (because of his job or other close relationship) has insider information about a publicly traded company. The ability of internal users to use this information is generally restricted or prohibited by law. In the United States, anyone who is entitled to 10 percent or more of the company's voting is automatically considered an internal source.

  2. An individual in a group or organization, especially someone who knows information that is not available to others.

Synonyms of Insider

Clubman, Inside information, Member, Clubwoman, Employee, Life member, Pledge, Conventionist, Comrade, Initiate, Guildsman, Cardholder, Belonger, Socius, Worker, Conventioner, Inside dope, One of us, Staff member, Charter member, Card-carrying member, Member of staff, Conventioneer, Card-carrier, Fraternity man, Pipeline, Clubber, Sister, Representative, Sorority girl, Sorority woman, Associate, Joiner, Enlistee, Confidential information, Affiliate, Member, Enrollee, Brother, Honorary member, The lowdown, Dues-paying member, Fellow, Committeeman, Greek

How to use Insider in a sentence?

  1. People in politics.

Meaning of Insider & Insider Definition