Insider trading

Insider trading,

Definition of Insider trading:

  1. Buy or sell securities of listed companies to take advantage of insider information. The use of privileged information is generally prohibited or prohibited by law. It is also called internal trade.

  2. Providing access to classified information, an illegal act of going public for personal gain.

How to use Insider trading in a sentence?

  1. The president was questioned for inside information when it was revealed that many members of his family had bought a large number of shares shortly before the announcement of the company's merger.
  2. A landmark securities law criminalizing Hong Kong's domestic trade has been in place for over a year.
  3. Martha Stewart struggled with insider information after she was warned by her broker about problems with the company after selling her shares that were not widely known.
  4. Sometimes people decide to break the law and disclose personal information, and if caught they can have serious consequences for insider trading.

Meaning of Insider trading & Insider trading Definition