Inside Track

Inside Track,

How Do You Define Inside Track?

  • You can define Inside Track as, Beneficial position in a company or organization. Know something before others listen.

Literal Meanings of Inside Track


Meanings of Inside:
  1. Located with boundaries or boundaries.

  2. (Within a specified period)

  3. The inside or surface of something

  4. Admission divides the interior.

  5. Positions that offer personal information.

  6. Is located or derived from

  7. Within the boundaries or boundaries of a place.

Sentences of Inside
  1. The oven pays for itself in 18 months

  2. He put his finger in the cup

  3. The interior of the car is like an oven

  4. Inner pocket

  5. Mr. Jackson is waiting for you inside

Synonyms of Inside

inside, in the middle of, inner side, internal, within the confines of, interior, inmost, within, inner surface, innermost, inner part, within the bounds of, inner


Meanings of Track:
  1. Follow a path or trail (something else or something), usually to find them or record their location elsewhere.

  2. Rotates (the wheel) so that it is at the exact moment on the front road.

  3. (Tonable circuit or component) changes the frequency in the same way as any other circuit or component, so the frequency difference between them remains constant.

  4. Assign (students) to degree programs according to their abilities.

  5. A paved road or secondary road that is often affected by use rather than construction.

  6. A sign or line left by a passing person, animal or vehicle.

  7. A permanent line of trains on the railway.

  8. Recording songs or music.

  9. A permanent piece of metal that fits around the wheel of a heavy vehicle, such as a tank or excavator, to facilitate movement in uneven or loose areas.

  10. Lateral distance between the wheels of the vehicle.

  11. A group that teaches students the same age and ability.

  12. Trailer (boat) along the beach.

Sentences of Track
  1. Secondary radar that follows the aircraft in flight

  2. I just sent my bike back because I thought there was a problem.

  3. The system will include more advanced heading sensors as well as more advanced tracking and stabilization circuitry.

  4. Supervise students according to 9 years of work qualification level.

  5. Follow the path to the page

  6. He followed the car tracks in the snow

  7. Passengers have to get off the train to cross the tracks

  8. The CD contains Elvis Presley's first tracks

  9. He entered a circular room without wheels without wheels, as if to push a car.

Synonyms of Track

course, imprints, route, spoor, way, stalk, dog, hunt down, trail, shadow, keep an eye on, line, prints, traces, keep in sight, hound, lane, follow, piece, recording, path, impressions, hunt, chase, number