Inside Of A Blueberry

Inside Of A Blueberry

What color is the blueberry on it? ۔

I bought it at the supermarket and it was green inside. Is this normal and why is it happening?

Is the right color !!! When baking or cooking, the oil leaves the skin and color inside, turning it purple.

What you are talking about is not a real blueberry. I live in Denmark / Sweden where they grew up. The interior should be some kind of dark blue / purple. This is what we call Multabir. Multeb¦r is easy to grow, which is why the industry uses it instead of real products. Blueberries and blackberries are closely related, but their tastes are different. Personally, I prefer Blueberry over Multiber.

Hello Dean.

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What the boy said was true. If it's anything other than dark purple or blue with a red hint, it's not cooked. If you keep them in a paper bag and keep them in the closet for a few days, they should be ready to use. Remember that, like most fruits, blueberries are picked when they are not yet ripe. I now.

Inside Of A Blueberry