Inside Information

Inside Information,

Inside Information Definition:

Inside Information means, Information about the company that is known only to the owner, management and / or employees and not to the general public. The use of insider information to buy and sell shares is often illegal.

The definition of Inside Information is: Unpublished Company Edition.

Literal Meanings of Inside Information


Meanings of Inside:
  1. The inside or surface of something.

  2. Admission divides the interior.

  3. Publications that provide personal information.

  4. Located inside or coming from within.

  5. It is within limits or boundaries.

  6. Less than (specified period)

  7. Within the boundaries or boundaries of a place.

Sentences of Inside
  1. He stuck his finger in the cup

  2. The interior of the car is like an oven

  3. Inner pocket

  4. The stove pays for itself in 18 months

  5. Mr. Jackson is waiting for you inside

Synonyms of Inside

inner side, within the bounds of, in the middle of, inner part, inside, internal, inner, inmost, inner surface, within the confines of, interior, within, innermost


Sentences of Information
  1. Information about genetic transmission

Synonyms of Information

figures, facts, particulars, details, statistics, data