An advertisement or other promotional material published by an advertiser for inclusion in a magazine or newspaper. It can be embedded in a publication or freely inserted without being linked.

Meanings of Insert

  1. An image embedded in the text.

  2. Advertising or educational brochure contained in a magazine, newspaper, cassette or record box, etc.

  3. The mechanical components are nested within each other.

  4. An expression such as "please" or an interjection that can appear in several places in a sentence.

  5. A DNA sequence inserted into another DNA molecule.

  6. A recorded segment that is part of a live broadcast.

  7. A close-up is used to draw attention to a particular element in a larger scene.

  8. Intermediate or insert.

Sentences of Insert

  1. This software can print CD covers if you have the correct paper size.

  2. Threaded insert.

  3. To withdraw money from an ATM, you must insert your debit card.