Definition of Inseparability:

  1. Service features that cannot distinguish them from (1) their productivity and (2) customer experience. Inevitably, service users need to communicate (sometimes physically) with the manufacturer in order to reap their benefits.

Synonyms of Inseparability

Indissolubility, Indiscerptibility, Clustering, Solidification, Conglomeration, Set, Accretion, Junction, Cling, Unity, Coherence, Agglutination, Conglobation, Clotting, Compaction, Condensation, Coagulation, Agglomeration, Impartibility, Adhesion, Sticking, Adherence, Consolidation, Congelation, Indivisibility, Cohesiveness, Concretion, Clinging, Infusibility, Congealment, Infrangibility, Insolubility, Cohesion

Meaning of Inseparability & Inseparability Definition