Definition of Inquisition:

  1. An ecclesiastical tribunal established by Pope Gregory IX c.1232 for the suppression of heresy. It was active chiefly in northern Italy and southern France, becoming notorious for the use of torture. In 1542 the papal Inquisition was re-established to combat Protestantism, eventually becoming an organ of papal government.

  2. A period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation.

  3. Verdict of an inquest.

Synonyms of Inquisition

Interrogation, Questioning, Quizzing, Cross-examination, Cross-questioning, Catechism, Areopagus, Analysis, Assize, Board, Change of venue, Council, Court-martial, Cross-examination, Cross-interrogation, Cross-questioning, Curia, Delving, Direct examination, Examination, Forum, Grilling, Hearing, Inquest, Inquirendo, Inquiring, Inquiring mind, Inquiry, Investigation, Judicatory, Judicature, Judiciary, Jury trial, Mistrial, Police interrogation, Probe, Probing, Quest, Redirect examination, Research, The Inquisition, The grill, Third-degree, Trial, Trial by jury, Tribunal

How to use Inquisition in a sentence?

  1. She relented in her determined inquisition and offered help.

Meaning of Inquisition & Inquisition Definition