Definition of Inquiry:

  1. Preliminary response from prospective customers, generally following an advertisement or sales promotion campaign. Number of inquiries (and their conversion into sales revenue) is a measure of the effectiveness of a firms marketing efforts. Also spelled as enquiry.

  2. An act of asking for information.

Synonyms of Inquiry

Question, Query, Amassing evidence, Assize, Audit, Bone of contention, Canvass, Catechism, Catechizing, Change of venue, Check, Close inquiry, Consumer research, Consumer-preference survey, Court-martial, Cross-examination, Cross-interrogatory, Cross-question, Debating point, Delving, Demand, Department of investigation, Detection, Detective work, Enquiry, Examination, Exhaustive study, Exploration, Feeler, Hearing, Indagation, Inquest, Inquirendo, Inquisition, Inspection, Interrogation, Interrogative, Interrogatory, Investigation, Investigative bureau, Issue, Jury trial, Leader, Leading question, Legislative investigation, Legwork, Mistrial, Moot point, Opinion poll, Perscrutation, Point at issue, Point in question, Poll, Probe, Probing, Problem, Public-opinion poll, Query, Querying, Quest, Question, Question at issue, Question mark, Questionary, Questioning, Questionnaire, Quodlibet, Research, Scrutiny, Search, Sifting, Sleuthing, Study, Survey, Topic, Trial, Trial balloon, Trial by jury, Vexed question, Witch-hunt

How to use Inquiry in a sentence?

  1. A reporter from New York makes inquiries.
  2. I tried to make an inquiry of how much money was in my account at the bank, but they were closed for the day.
  3. The girls inquiry about the apartment ended up helping her decide to live somewhere else because someone had died in the last one she looked at.
  4. The company just created a new commercial to advertise their hydrating hair shampoo, which led to Susies inquiry about the product.

Meaning of Inquiry & Inquiry Definition