Definition of Inquest:

  1. A judicial inquiry to ascertain the facts relating to an incident, such as a death.

  2. In general, a court inquiry (sometimes with the aid of specially chosen jury) into a specific matter. In particular, an inquiry by a coroner into the death of person who died under suspicious circumstances or in police custody.

Synonyms of Inquest

Analysis, Assize, Autopsy, Blue-ribbon jury, Change of venue, Coroner, Country, Court-martial, Cross-examination, Delving, Examination, Grand jury, Hearing, Hung jury, Inquirendo, Inquiring, Inquiring mind, Inquiry, Inquisition, Investigation, Jury, Jury list, Jury of inquest, Jury of matrons, Jury panel, Jury trial, Medical examiner, Mistrial, Mortality committee, Necropsy, Necroscopy, Panel, Petit jury, Police jury, Postmortem, Postmortem examination, Probe, Probing, Quest, Research, Sessions, Special jury, Trial, Trial by jury, Trial jury, Venire, Inquiry, Investigation, Inquisition, Probe, Review, Study, Survey, Analysis, Examination, Exploration, Scrutinization

How to use Inquest in a sentence?

  1. The costs could continue to rise as the Ministry of Defence is considering applying for a judicial review of the inquest.

Meaning of Inquest & Inquest Definition