Did you really type the word? Is it necessary to have a ticket only?

I also learned that there is a stupid way to make a fool of it but it seems to be a word and it is in the dictionary and its definition is the same as your friends.

I have to say yes and it is correct in the context used


I'm sure it's inserted in every column, but it doesn't look the same when it comes to word input. It makes sense to me that it's the same: input input. But I saw on the internet that this is an entry that I personally do not like, but if this is the rule then I will take it and of course use :)

in between

inà poà t /


Past: Insert Previous Parliament: Insert

Enter (data) into the computer.

Synonyms: insert, insert, load, insert key, insert, insert

Code, memorization

Asked to enter data from the old system

This page can help you.

Come back:

Did you actually type the word? Shouldn't it just be introduced?

For example, my colleague wrote: Login form for tracking system ... seems very wrong to me.

The entry in this sentence will be correct. I don't think typing is a word.

I agree with you. This is just the beginning. English is spoken by many of them, we are very foolish to use it properly. Just because you can't find anything and ignore it in the dictionary doesn't mean it's not good English. Anyway, I'm not saying anything you don't already know ...

Spelling is the next area that needs to be replaced with a text dictionary. Please help you think 2



See for yourself what the Google Dictionary says: Q = ijputed & rlz = 1C1CHFX ...

Registration, no form ad.

Admission is not a word.

An original word enters, the past tense of the entry is written with a long U like mule.