Definition of Input:

  1. Introducing, absorbing or discovering which process or system.

  2. Keep (data) on the computer.

  3. Elements outside the system (for example, processes) that the system converts to output (usually with one or more elements).

  4. A place or device where energy or information enters the system.

Synonyms of Input

Entrance, Seepage, Leakage, Entree, Importation, Insinuation, Introduction, Insert, Incoming, Intake, Import, Load, Admission, Access, Introgression, Intrusion, Ingression, Percolation, Infiltration, Importing, Ingoing, Interpenetration, Ingress, Income, Entry, Feed in, Insertion, Put in, Penetration, Reception

How to use Input in a sentence?

  1. Your support is very important to make this project run smoothly. We are very concerned about how this assignment will affect you personally and professionally.
  2. The computer engineering student types the code into the terminal as part of his work, patiently waiting for the terminal to respond correctly.
  3. When making group decisions, you should all contribute equally with the best ideas.
  4. The signal passes through the main gate.
  5. Laboratory technicians can record test results.
  6. Thought and sensory stimulation

Meaning of Input & Input Definition