Input device

Input device,

Definition of Input device:

  1. A component or peripheral device (such as a barcode reader, graphic tablet, keyboard, magnetic-stripe reader, modem, mouse, scanner, or stylus) that feeds data or instruction into a computer for display, processing, storage, or outputting or transmission.

    Input devices convert the users actions and analog data (sound, graphics, pictures) into digital electronic signals that can be processed by a computer. Digital data (such as from barcode readers, modems, scanners, etc.) does not require any conversion and is input direct into a computer. It is through input devices that a user exercises control over a computer, its operations, and outputs.

How to use Input device in a sentence?

  1. You should check up on your input device every once in awhile to make sure that it is working properly and not damaged.
  2. In order to watch the movie, we had to make sure to put in the right input device , which would allow us to see it.
  3. The input device was so small that the employee could not even see the piece of technology correctly they were attempting to use.

Meaning of Input device & Input device Definition