Definition of Inorganic:

  1. In general, substances of mineral origin (such as ceramics, metals, synthetic plastics, as well as water) as opposed to those of biological or botanical origin (such as crude oil, coal, wood, as well as food). With certain exceptions, inorganic substances do not contain carbon or its compounds. In scientific terms, no clear line divides organic and inorganic chemistry.

How to use Inorganic in a sentence?

  1. She was allergic to inorganic fabrics and thus had to be careful to select only natural fabrics in order to avoid rashes.
  2. Water has been categorized as an inorganic material whereas most foods have been classified organic materials, even though water is found in most organic foods, it is still classified as inorganic because chemistry had not made a clear distinction between organic and inorganic substances as of yet.
  3. The doctors swore there was no correlation, but Barbara was convinced her headaches worsened when she was around inorganic materials like plastic or Plexiglas.

Meaning of Inorganic & Inorganic Definition

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What is The Meaning of Inorganic?

The term defines a company's growth as a result of a merger or acquisition rather than an increase in productivity or the company's own activities.

Meanings of Inorganic

  1. It does not contain living matter and does not come.

  2. Refers to or designates organic compounds (usually compounds that do not contain carbon).

  3. It cannot be explained by the general feminist process.

Sentences of Inorganic

  1. They may have developed as an environmental catastrophe and as a result of unusual marine chemistry that led to inorganic and microbial calculations.

  2. If the compound is inorganic, organic solvents, such as water, are needed.

Synonyms of Inorganic

inanimate, not living, lifeless, dead, defunct, extinct, inert


How To Define Inorganic?

  1. Inorganic can be defined as, A term used to describe the growth of a company through mergers or acquisitions, not business growth or activity.

Meanings of Inorganic

  1. Which does not or does not contain living matter.

  2. Related to or designation of inorganic compounds (in the broadest sense of non-carbonated compounds).

  3. It cannot be explained by a general etiological process.

Synonyms of Inorganic

not organic, man-made, mineral, not natural