Definition of Innuendo:

  1. Defamation: In a defamation suit, the plaintiff explains to the court the importance of defamation of the seemingly ridiculous remarks of the defendant as well as the circumstances and facts which deem them inappropriate.

  2. General: Insulting, hostile or insulting, but indirectly, implies a seemingly innocent statement. For Latin, suggest or shake your head.

  3. A symbolic or bizarre comment or suggestion, usually provocative or offensive

Synonyms of Innuendo

Uncomplimentary remark, Nod, Charge, Sign, Prompt, Cynicism, Slur, Index, Accusing, Personal remark, Signal, Whisper, Indication, Import, Causticity, Occult meaning, Nuance, Metaphorical sense, Implication, Denunciation, Track, Spoor, Glimmering, Undertone, Reference, Insinuation, Reproach, Look, Denouncement, Delation, Information, Suggestion, Veiled accusation, Symptom, Suggestion, Hint, Scent, Animadversion, Plaint, Presumption, Unspoken accusation, Implied meaning, Irony, Cue, Invective, Assumption, Whisper, Imputation, Intimation, Presupposition, Subsidiary sense, Broad hint, Aspersion, Sly suggestion, Lawsuit, Suspicion, Undermeaning, Complaint, Laying of charges, Personality, Allusion, Bill of particulars, Connotation, Nudge, Bringing of charges, Arraignment, Allegory, Undertone, Clue, Gentle hint, True bill, Overtone, Imputation, Inkling, Subsense, Accusation, Suit, Sarcasm, Touch, Slur, Implication, Ironic suggestion, Nuance, Coloration, Glimmer, Impeachment, Symbolism, Aspersion, Intimation, Telltale, Reference, Reflection, Meaning, Supposition, Allusion, Whispering campaign, Indictment, Inference, Blame, Tinge, Bringing to book, Kick, Accusal, Allegement, Indirect, Overtone, Taxing, Hint, Gesture, Allegation, Count, Insinuation, Undercurrent, Satiric wit, Arcane meaning, Wink, Satire, Prosecution

How to use Innuendo in a sentence?

  1. He always invented fake numbers.

Meaning of Innuendo & Innuendo Definition