Inland Revenue Department (ird)

Inland Revenue Department (ird),

What is The Meaning of Inland Revenue Department (ird)?

  • Inland Revenue Department (ird) refers to The New Zealand Government's Ministry is responsible for tax collection and payment for social assistance programs

Literal Meanings of Inland Revenue Department (ird)


Meanings of Inland:
  1. This hotel is not located on the beach but inland.

  2. Within a country or within

  3. Parts of a country by sea or at its borders.

Sentences of Inland
  1. Desert in the Australian plain

  2. The road turns inwards and meets the road

  3. Early damage reports indicate that we were much better off in Hurricane Florida than Hurricane Francis.

Synonyms of Inland

non-coastal, towards the interior, internal, inshore, central, upcountry, interior, away from the coast


Meanings of Revenue:
  1. Revenue is especially important for companies or institutions

Sentences of Revenue
  1. The merchant has lost آمد 10,000 in revenue since the transportation plan was implemented

Synonyms of Revenue

earnings, proceeds, income, receipts, takings


Meanings of Department:
  1. For example, large organizational departments. B. A government, university, company, or business that deals with a particular subject, product, or business sector.

Sentences of Department
  1. English Department

Synonyms of Department

segment, subdivision, branch, wing, unit, compartment, arm, subsection, division, section, sector