Injunctive Relief

Injunctive Relief,

Injunctive Relief Meanings:

Legal alternative to financial loss in a civil case. They are courts that ask a party to take positive action or to prevent a party from taking certain actions. For example, a person owns a house surrounded by mature trees and wants to cut down neighboring trees to claim ownership. During these disputes, the court may issue orders to stop the neighbors from cutting down trees until the matter is heard and resolved. Precautions were also taken to protect trade secrets and protect a person's reputation. This action is appropriate in any situation where the plaintiff cannot receive adequate compensation unless the defendant has been ordered to interrupt the process. Liability insurance usually covers only losses, not litigation.

Literal Meanings of Injunctive Relief


Meanings of Relief:
  1. Feeling relieved and relieved after getting rid of fear or stress.

  2. Helping people with special needs or difficulties, especially in the form of food, clothing or money.

  3. A person or group of people who take the place of other people who serve.

  4. Circumstances are clear or obvious which are emphasized in one way or another.

Sentences of Relief
  1. To his relief he saw that the door was open

  2. Collect donations to reduce hunger

  3. The extra nurse is too late

  4. The sunset highlights the snow-capped peaks

Synonyms of Relief

surrogate, help, replacement, stand-in, comfort, sustenance, repose, reassurance, cover, relaxation, aid, supply, deputy, reserve, solace, calmness, locum tenens, substitute, proxy, understudy, standby, fill-in, locum, succour, ease