Definition of Injunction:

  1. A court order that prohibits an action (temporary order) or an action order (mandatory temporary order). Precautions are taken when compensation for losses incurred at the end of the process is not satisfactory or effective, or more serious damage or injustice may occur. There are other types of temporary compensation decisions: (1) Temporary (temporary): To maintain status, they are given temporarily before the trial, until the court hears both parties before issuing a permanent decision. (2) Permanent (indefinite): granted after a judicial session. ()) The previous part, issued after a hearing between the parties (in the most urgent matter). ()) Temporary: Detention of the defendant till the final date. (5) QuaTime: Given to avoid the risk of error or injury. All orders are issued at the discretion of the court and violations will be punished regardless of action.

  2. An example of a court decision can be when a spouse owns, divorces and disputes over who owns or controls the business. If the husband tries to make a unilateral business decision, the wife can file restraining orders until the court decides on the property matters.

  3. Government notices or orders.

  4. A court order is a court order that requires a person or organization to do or stop something. There are three types: command, command and permanent order. Interim orders and rulings are usually issued at the beginning of a litigation. If the court agrees, this can prevent the defendant from taking negative action. A suspension order is often used to prevent the plaintiff from contacting the plaintiff. Temporary and permanent orders are issued on the basis of the evidence presented by the plaintiffs in the plaintiff's proceedings.

Synonyms of Injunction

Directive, Circumscription, Notification, Debarring, Death warrant, Bench warrant, Restraint of trade, Hindrance, Restriction, Deceleration, Protective tariff, Forbiddance, Boycott, Commission, Warning, Retardation, Volstead Act, Mandate, Exception, Repudiation, Law, Rationing, Ruling, Suppression, Admonition, Monopoly, Rejection, Process, Curb, Retrenchment, Writ, Nisi prius, Restraint, Control, Legal restraint, Directive, Omission, Command, Exclusion, Zoning, Taboo, Arrestation, Disallowance, Restrictive covenants, Refusal, Direction, Slowing down, Index, Ruling, Protectionism, Exhortation, Mittimus, Demand, Inhibition, Check, Rein, Prohibitory injunction, Precept, Fieri facias, Warrant of attorney, No-no, Ban, Instruction, Dictate, Sumptuary laws, Warrant of arrest, Instruction, Protection, Tariff wall, Prohibition, Relegation, Thought control, Mandamus, Charge, Barring, Debarment, Prevention, Proscription, Interdictum, Behest, Self-control, Arrest, Contraband, Ruling out, Interdiction, Preclusion, Search warrant, Command, Cooling, Bar, Index expurgatorius, Warrant, Embargo, Interdict, Teaching, Bidding, Lockout, Prescript, Blockade, Notice, Statute, Order, Zoning laws, Narrowing, Mandatory injunction, Demarcation, Capias, Nonadmission, Constraint, Forbidding, Prescription, Order, Index librorum prohibitorum, Denial, Cooling off, Caveat, Word, Repression, Curtailment, Prohibition Party, Forbidden fruit, Direction, Habere facias possessionem, Cooling down, Eighteenth Amendment, Inadmissibility

How to use Injunction in a sentence?

  1. The company received a state court order that forced it to stop dumping garbage from its factory into rivers.
  2. Residents of the city demanded a court order to obtain several hazardous compounds to prevent the chemical company from dumping garbage in the river after the discovery of drinking water.
  3. The court issued an order forcing all other medical cannabis stores to close for good.
  4. Mark court orders and orders, as I suggest, from the beginning.

Meaning of Injunction & Injunction Definition



  1. Injunction means: A formal court order requiring a person not to do certain things.

  2. A simple definition of Injunction is: A court order or court order that prevents a person or group from taking certain actions. The order will be issued temporarily until a full hearing can be held to determine whether it should be issued permanently.

Meanings of Injunction

  1. An official notice or order.

Sentences of Injunction

  1. Commands and commands like I suggested setting the text from scratch.


What is The Meaning of Injunction?

  • A formal court order that requires a person not to do certain things.

  • A simple definition of Injunction is: A court order or court order that prohibits an individual or group from taking certain actions. It will be given on a temporary basis until there is a hearing that it can be made permanent.

Meanings of Injunction

  1. Government notice or order.

Synonyms of Injunction

fiat, edict, ordainment, irade, ultimatum, ukase, firman, decree, decretal, enjoinment