Definition of Initiative:

  1. An individuals action that begins a process, often done without direct managerial influence. For example, an employee might take the initiative to come up with a new product or service that the company could offer.

  2. An act or strategy intended to resolve a difficulty or improve a situation; a fresh approach to something.

  3. (especially in some US states and Switzerland) the right of citizens outside the legislature to originate legislation.

  4. The ability to assess and initiate things independently.

  5. The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.

Synonyms of Initiative

Abecedarian, Aboriginal, Adventuresomeness, Adventurousness, Aggression, Aggressiveness, Alpha, Ambition, Ambitiousness, Antenatal, Autochthonous, Bang, Baptismal, Beginning, Breaking-in, Budding, Constitutional referendum, Creative, Dash, Direct initiative, Drive, Dynamism, Elan, Elemental, Elementary, Embryonic, Energy, Enterprise, Enterprisingness, Facultative referendum, Fetal, Fire, First, First blush, First glance, First impression, First inning, First lap, First move, First round, First sight, First stage, First step, Force, Forcefulness, Formative, Foundational, Fundamental, Gambit, Gestatory, Get-up-and-get, Get-up-and-go, Getup, Ginger, Go, Go-ahead, Go-getting, Go-to-itiveness, Gumption, Hustle, In embryo, In its infancy, In the bud, Inaugural, Inceptive, Inchoate, Inchoative, Incipient, Incunabular, Indirect initiative, Infant, Infantile, Initial, Initiatory, Introductive, Introductory, Inventive, Kick, Le premier pas, Lead, Leadership, Mandate, Mandatory referendum, Nascent, Natal, Opening move, Original, Parturient, Pep, Pepper, Piss and vinegar, Pizzazz, Plebiscite, Plebiscitum, Poop, Postnatal, Pregnant, Prenatal, Primal, Primary, Prime, Primeval, Primitive, Primitiveness, Primitivity, Primogenial, Procreative, Punch, Push, Pushfulness, Pushiness, Pushingness, Recall, Referendum, Resourcefulness, Rudimental, Rudimentary, Snap, Spirit, Spunk, Starch, Statutory referendum, Thrust, Up-and-comingness, Ur, Venturesomeness, Venturousness, Verve, Vigor, Vim, Warming-up, Zing, Zip, Enterprise, Inventiveness, Resourcefulness, Capability, Plan, Scheme, Strategy, Stratagem, Measure, Technique, Proposal, Step, Action, Act, Manoeuvre, Gambit, Advantage, Upper hand, Edge, Lead, Whip hand, Trump card

How to use Initiative in a sentence?

  1. Roger was praised for the initiative he took in changing the signage to make the entrance to the new office much easier to find.
  2. Use your initiative, imagination, and common sense.
  3. Every state constitution has been amended far more often by the legislature than by initiative.
  4. We are looking for employees that will demonstrate initiative by sharing their ideas, helping to improve our business, speaking up about problems, and suggesting potential solutions.
  5. We have lost the initiative and allowed our opponents to dictate the subject.
  6. When the teacher asked students to present the projects they had been working on for months, Paul had the initiative to go first.
  7. A new initiative against car crime.

Meaning of Initiative & Initiative Definition