Initial Claims

Initial Claims,

Definition of Initial Claims:

  1. Initial claims may be contrasted with continuing claims, which measures ongoing unemployment.

  2. Initial claims are an employment report that measures the number of new jobless claims filed by individuals seeking to receive unemployment benefits. The report, published since 1967, also shows how many unemployed individuals qualify for and are receiving benefits under unemployment insurance. The initial claims number is watched closely by financial analysts because it provides insight into the health of the economy. Policy makers use the initial claims figure in conjunction with other employment data to determine the strength of the labor market.

  3. A weekly report on the number of first-time applications for unemployment compensation. The report, which is officially titled the Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report, is released each Thursday morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data are available at a number of financial information Web sites and at .

How to use Initial Claims in a sentence?

  1. When a growing number of people willing to work are unable to find work and must resort to claiming unemployment, it is generally a poor sign for the economy.
  2. This important measure tracks emerging joblessness on a weekly basis, with reports released at 8:30 a.m. EST on Tuesdays closely watched by traders.
  3. Initial claims are a government employment report that tallies the number of individuals seeking unemployment benefits for the first time.

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