Definition of Infringement:

  1. The action of limiting or undermining something.

  2. The action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement, etc.; violation.

  3. Violation of the terms of an agreement, encroachment, trespass, or disregard of others rights, such as invasion of an exclusive right of intellectual property.

Synonyms of Infringement

Contravention, Violation, Transgression, Breach, Breaking, Non-observance, Non-compliance, Neglect, Dereliction, Failure to observe, Adoption, Appropriation, Arrogation, Assumption, Bad faith, Bankruptcy, Borrowed plumes, Breach, Breach of contract, Breach of faith, Breach of law, Breach of privilege, Breach of promise, Breach of trust, Breakage, Breakdown, Breaking, Civil disobedience, Collapse, Contravention, Copying, Crack-up, Crippling, Damage, Derivation, Deriving, Destruction, Detriment, Dilapidation, Disablement, Disobedience, Disrepair, Encroachment, Entrance, Entrenchment, Frowardness, Harm, Hobbling, Hurt, Hurting, Imitation, Impairment, Impingement, Imposition, Incapacitation, Incursion, Indiscipline, Indocility, Infiltration, Influx, Infraction, Injection, Injury, Inroad, Insinuation, Insubordination, Interference, Interjection, Interloping, Interposition, Interposure, Interruption, Intervention, Intractability, Intrusion, Invasion, Irruption, Lawbreaking, Lawlessness, Loss, Maiming, Mayhem, Mischief, Mocking, Mutilation, Naughtiness, Noncompliance, Nonconformity, Noncooperation, Nonobedience, Obtrusion, Offense, Overstepping, Passive resistance, Pasticcio, Pastiche, Pirating, Plagiarism, Plagiary, Playing God, Recusancy, Ruination, Ruinousness, Sabotage, Scathe, Seizure, Sickening, Simulation, Spoiling, Taking, Transgression, Trespass, Trespassing, Uncooperativeness, Unduteousness, Undutifulness, Unlawful entry, Unsubmissiveness, Usurpation, Violation, Violation of law, Waywardness, Weakening, Willful disobedience

How to use Infringement in a sentence?

  1. I was concerned over the possibility of copyright infringement occurring but my partner assured me since we only sampled the material we would be fine.
  2. Even though you came up with that plot line, another person also came up with it, and they are so similar that we cannot push for publishing to avoid committing copyright infringement .
  3. Copyright infringement.
  4. The infringement of the right to privacy.
  5. Sometimes another company will pull some form of infringement on you and you will decide if you should take legal action.

Meaning of Infringement & Infringement Definition