Definition of Infraction:

  1. Excusable misdemeanor, or minor violation usually punished with a fine or penalty but not imprisonment.

  2. A violation or infringement of a law or agreement.

Synonyms of Infraction

Infringement, Contravention, Breach, Violation, Transgression, Breaking, Aberrance, Aberrancy, Abnormality, Bad faith, Breach, Breach of contract, Breach of faith, Breach of law, Breach of privilege, Breach of promise, Breach of trust, Breaking, Civil disobedience, Contravention, Crime, Criminality, Delinquency, Deviance, Deviancy, Disobedience, Encroachment, Error, Faux pas, Frowardness, Illegality, Improperness, Impropriety, Inappropriateness, Incorrectness, Incursion, Indecorousness, Indecorum, Indiscipline, Indocility, Infringement, Inroad, Insubordination, Intractability, Intrusion, Lapse, Lawbreaking, Lawlessness, Naughtiness, Noncompliance, Nonconformity, Noncooperation, Nonobedience, Offense, Overstepping, Passive resistance, Recusancy, Sin, Sinfulness, Slip, Transgression, Trespass, Trespassing, Uncooperativeness, Unduteousness, Undutifulness, Unfitness, Unfittingness, Unlawfulness, Unrighteousness, Unseemliness, Unsubmissiveness, Unsuitability, Usurpation, Violation, Violation of law, Waywardness, Wickedness, Willful disobedience, Wrong, Wrongfulness, Wrongness

How to use Infraction in a sentence?

  1. Punishment is meted out to the offender because this is what he deserves in response to his infraction of the criminal law.

Meaning of Infraction & Infraction Definition