Definition of Informed:

  1. Being educated, knowledgeable or experienced. An informed individual could possess broad general knowledge in multiple areas or have a lot of knowledge in one specific area.

  2. Having or showing knowledge of a particular subject or situation.

  3. Provided someone with a piece of information or knowledge as in, Bill informed Joe that the football game was set to start at 2:30pm..

Synonyms of Informed

Knowledgeable, Enlightened, Illuminated, Literate, Well informed, Well educated, Educated, Schooled, Instructed, Abreast, Abreast of, Acquainted, Advised, All ready, All set, Armed, Armed and ready, Au courant, Au fait, Aware of, Booted and spurred, Briefed, Coached, Cocked, Conversant with, Cultivated, Cultured, Educated, Enlightened, Equipped, Familiarized, Good and ready, Groomed, In arms, In battle array, In readiness, In the know, In the saddle, Informed of, Instructed, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Learned, Loaded, Loaded for bear, Mature, Mobilized, On the mark, Planned, Posted, Prearranged, Prepared, Prepared and ready, Prepped, Primed, Provided, Psyched up, Ready, Ready for anything, Ripe, Schooled, Set, Taught, Trained, Up in arms, Up on, Up-to-date, Versed, Vigilant, Well-prepared, Well-versed, Wise

How to use Informed in a sentence?

  1. An informed readership.

Meaning of Informed & Informed Definition