Definition of Influencers:

  1. Individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. In consumer spending, members of a peer group or reference group act as influencers. In business to business (organizational) buying, internal employees (engineers, managers, purchasers) or external consultants act as influencers.

  2. A person or thing that influences another.

How to use Influencers in a sentence?

  1. He was a champion of the arts and a huge influencer of taste.

Meaning of Influencers & Influencers Definition

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High-profile individuals who can influence their audience's opinion or purchasing decisions, primarily through their social media followers.

High-level people in a particular field, often because of their considerable experience and the extent of their relationships with others. These people can influence the behavior and opinions of many people.

Influencers are famous people in a certain field. Many of these people are consumable manufacturers in that particular industry or region.