Definition of Influence:

  1. influence.

  2. The effect of fluctuations in the price of an independent variable (e.g., revenue) on the value of the dependent variable (e.g., consumption).

  3. Ability to influence or influence the character, development or behavior of an individual or thing.

Synonyms of Influence

Main strength, Superpower, Charge, Puissance, Virulence, Redound to, Dominance, Predominance, Hidden hand, Twist, Prejudice against, Favoritism, Distort, Lobby, Enlist, Get, Virtue, Effect, Rasputin, Sway, Color, Management, Dispose, Decide, Power struggle, Determine, Good influence, Steam, Influence peddler, Duress, Rule, Strike, Full blast, Credit, Affect, Subserve, Modify, Productivity, Vim, Access, Power pack, Authority, Effectiveness, Potentiality, Moving, Sovereignty, Connections, Blue ribbon, Work, Zenith, Lure, Bias, Advance, Push, Command, Ne plus ultra, Bad influence, Influencer, Prepossess, Prompting, Focus on, Jaundice, Height, Turn the scale, Sinew, Validity, Effectuality, Muscle power, Animation, Heavyweight, Power, Weightiness, Wire-puller, Induce, Impact, Effect, Forward, Very important person, In, Vigor, Tactics, Devices, Top spot, Lordship, Gray eminence, Rank, Ingroup, Have an effect on, Svengali, Cogence, Kingmaker, Direction, Acme, Strength, Concentrate on, Engage, Imperium, Work on, Record, Maneuvering, Get to do, Procure, Headship, Amperage, Pizzazz, Palms, Highest, Consequence, Special interests, Poop, Lead to, Tinge, Mastery, Championship, Actuation, Lead, Maximum, Punch, Mana, Importance, Might, Alter, Key, Motivation, Impress, Charisma, Bend, Forcefulness, Wear down, Priority, Vitality, Expedients, Contribute to, Eminence, Pressure group, Armipotence, Leverage, Soften up, Persuade, Say, Bring, Favor, Predispose, Dominion, Touch, Friend at court, Prestige, Productiveness, Tactical maneuvers, Moxie, Kingship, Flower power, VIP, Primacy, Pull, Tempt, Potency, Most, Open sesame, Wheeler-dealer, Five-percenter, Exert influence on, Big wheel, Paramountcy, Pressure, Wattage, Prepotency, Powerfulness, Drag, Behind-the-scenes influence, Force, Act upon, Mightiness, Conduce to, Jurisdiction, Prejudice the issue, Carry, Might and main, Force majeure, Superiority, Tone, Manipulate, Full force, Eminence grise, Cogency, Be-all and end-all, Presidency, Impress upon, Potence, Stimulation, Warp, Prominence, Weight, Impact, Maneuvers, Sinister influence, Lobbyist, Directorship, Leadership, Other-direction, Stature, Drive, First place, Main force, Beef, Moment, Prejudice, Manipulator, Hegemony, Operate on, Move, Affect, Weigh with, Incline, Control, Clout, Inner-direction, Act on, Vehemence, New high, Supremacy, Powers that be, Brute force, Manipulation, Special-interest group, The Establishment, Lords of creation, Ascendancy, Mastership, Seniority, Power structure, Strong arm, Virility, Precedence, Domination, Treat, Energy, Wire-pulling, Influentialness, Prompt, Man of influence, Machination, Court, Greatness, Authorization, Compulsion, Dint, Political influence, First prize, Inspire, Change, Black power, Hold, Interest in, Motivate

How to use Influence in a sentence?

  1. The effects of violence on television.
  2. Doc doctors are using their significant influence in the field of infectious diseases to persuade pharmaceutical companies to research new vaccines.
  3. It is often said that inequality in a society affects the longevity of the political system of that society.
  4. Government regulations can affect behavior, but usually without changing core values ​​and motivations.
  5. The United States can impose economic sanctions on some countries and affect their behavior if they do not follow certain guidelines.

Meaning of Influence & Influence Definition