Inflationary spiral

Inflationary spiral,

Definition of Inflationary spiral:

  1. An independent trend in the level of working price through effective opinion through the vicious cycle, forcing companies to raise prices, which in turn triggered requests for higher wage increases. ... etc. This situation continues until strict measures (such as income policies) are put in place to break the cycle. Otherwise, money becomes almost useless as a middle of the exchange (as in Germany in the 1920s, in Brazil in the 1980s, and in Argentina in the 1990s) and is replaced by the currency. The new units of will have to be replaced.

Synonyms of Inflationary spiral

High price, Business index, Scarcity price, Cost-of-living index, Rack rent, Floor price, Luxury price, Fancy price, Big price tag, Stiff price, Inflationary gap, Price index, Consumer price index, Demand curve, Floor, Inflation, Price ceiling, Rising prices, Bottom price, Price level, Pretty penny, Good price, Hot economy, Inflationary pressure, Soaring costs, Extortionate price, Inflationary prices, Top price, Spiraling prices, Ceiling, Ceiling price, Famine price

Meaning of Inflationary spiral & Inflationary spiral Definition