Inflation Protection

Inflation Protection,

How Do You Define Inflation Protection?

Inflation protection is a special feature of insurance policies which provides an increase in the value of benefits by a certain percentage at certain times in the future. The purpose of this feature is to ensure that the effects of future inflation do not hurt the value of benefits.

Definition of Inflation Protection: An optional property insurance guide offered by some insurers that extends the policy range in the policy life to keep inflation in check.

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Meanings of Inflation:
  1. Spreading something or a state of inflation.

  2. General increase in price and decrease in purchase price of silver.

Sentences of Inflation
  1. Inflating balloon

  2. Inflation control policy

Synonyms of Inflation

mounting, hyperbole, escalation, colouring, inflation, extravagance, overplaying, exaggeration, embellishment, magnification, increase, aggrandizement, overemphasis, overvaluation, excessiveness, overestimation, amplification, gain, rise, dramatization, enhancement, embroidery, growth


Meanings of Protection:
  1. Safety operation or safety condition.

Synonyms of Protection

indemnity, lee, safety, safeguarding, immunity, defence, safe keeping, shelter, shielding, preservation, conservation, security, refuge, insurance, sanctuary

Inflation Protection,

Definition of Inflation Protection:

  1. Home Material Insurance Limits are automatically adjusted to reflect the rising cost of repairing or rebuilding a property.

  2. A feature of some insurance policies where the cost of benefits exceeds a certain percentage over a period of time is to ensure that insurance coverage increases with inflation.