Definition of Inference:

  1. An assumption or conclusion that is rationally and logically made, based on the given facts or circumstances. An inference is based off of facts, so the reasoning for the conclusion is often logical. Before she was weighed at the gym, Jill made an inference about Susans weight based on her knowledge of Susans eating and workout habits. Although the data was not conclusive, upon analysis she was able to come up with a reasonable inference that satisfied her boss and allowed them to move forward with the project..

  2. A conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.

Synonyms of Inference

Deduction, Conclusion, Reasoning, Conjecture, Speculation, Surmise, Thesis, Theorizing, Hypothesizing, Presumption, Assumption, Supposition, Reckoning, Extrapolation, Reading between the lines, Baconian method, A fortiori reasoning, A posteriori reasoning, A priori reasoning, Allegory, Allusion, Analysis, Arcane meaning, Assumption, Axiom, Coloration, Conclusion, Conjecture, Connotation, Consequence, Consequent, Corollary, Deduction, Deductive reasoning, Derivation, Epagoge, Generalization, Guess, Guessing, Guesswork, Hint, Hypothesis, Hypothesis and verification, Illation, Implication, Implied meaning, Import, Induction, Inductive reasoning, Innuendo, Intimation, Ironic suggestion, Judgment, Meaning, Metaphorical sense, Nuance, Occult meaning, Overtone, Particularization, Philosophical induction, Postulate, Postulation, Postulatum, Premise, Presumption, Presupposal, Presupposition, Proposition, Ratiocination, Reckoning, Sequitur, Set of postulates, Subsense, Subsidiary sense, Suggestion, Supposal, Supposing, Supposition, Surmise, Syllogism, Syllogistic reasoning, Symbolism, Synthesis, Thesis, Tinge, Touch, Undercurrent, Undermeaning, Understanding, Undertone, Working hypothesis

How to use Inference in a sentence?

  1. Based on the given information about the cat, the vet made an inference that the cat had contracted a cold.
  2. After watching the child play for 2 hours, the doctor made an inference about the childs mental health based on the childs focus and ability to move certain objects.
  3. Researchers are entrusted with drawing inferences from the data.
  4. You could naturally make the inference that money grows on trees, were you to judge your belief based on how well our company did last year.

Meaning of Inference & Inference Definition