Definition of Inert:

  1. Chemically unreactive.

  2. Lacking the ability or strength to move.

Synonyms of Inert

Unmoving, Motionless, Immobile, Still, Stock-still, Stationary, Static, Dormant, Sleeping, Abeyant, Abiotic, Apathetic, Asleep, Azoic, Benumbed, Blase, Bored, Cataleptic, Catatonic, Changeless, Constant, Contemplative, Dead, Debilitated, Do-nothing, Dopey, Dormant, Droopy, Drugged, Dull, Dumb, Enervated, Exanimate, Flat, Foul, Groggy, Heavy, Hebetudinous, Idle, Immobile, Immutable, Impassive, Impotent, In abeyance, In suspense, Inactive, Inanimate, Inanimated, Incommutable, Inconvertible, Indefeasible, Indolent, Insensate, Insensible, Insentient, Insusceptible of change, Intransmutable, Invariable, Irretrievable, Irreversible, Irrevocable, Jaded, Lackadaisical, Laissez-aller, Laissez-faire, Languid, Languorous, Lasting, Latent, Lazy, Leaden, Lethargic, Lifeless, Listless, Logy, Lumpish, Meditative, Moribund, Motionless, Mute, Neuter, Neutral, Noble, Nonconscious, Nonliving, Nonreturnable, Nonreversible, Numb, Otiose, Paralytic, Paralyzed, Passive, Permanent, Phlegmatic, Pooped, Powerless, Procrastinating, Quiescent, Quiet, Quietist, Quietistic, Reverseless, Sated, Sedentary, Senseless, Slack, Sleeping, Sleepy, Slothful, Slow, Sluggish, Slumbering, Smoldering, Somnolent, Soulless, Stagnant, Stagnating, Standing, Standpat, Static, Stationary, Still, Stolid, Stultified, Supine, Suspended, Tame, Torpid, Unalterable, Unalterative, Unaltered, Unanimated, Unaroused, Unchangeable, Unchanged, Unchanging, Unconscious, Undeflectable, Undeviating, Unfeeling, Unmodifiable, Unremitting, Unresponsive, Unrestorable, Unreturnable, Unsusceptible, Unvariable, Unvarying, Vegetable, Vegetative, Wan, Weary, World-weary

How to use Inert in a sentence?

  1. She lay inert in her bed.

Meaning of Inert & Inert Definition