Definition of Industry:

  1. Any public company or commercial company that may be distinguished from others, such as the tourism industry or the entertainment industry.

  2. A technically productive manufacture or company in a specific region, country, region or economy that is considered collectively or individually. Often, the same industry is named after its main product, for example, the automotive industry. For statistical purposes, sectors are generally classified according to a uniform classification code, such as the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC).

  3. Economic activities are related to the processing of raw materials and the manufacture of goods in factories.

  4. Hard work.

Synonyms of Industry

Donkeywork, Diversified corporation, Commerce, Hustle, Utility, Operating company, Plunderbund, Unsparingness, Labor, Commercial enterprise, Dedication, Tirelessness, Manufacture, Concentration, Work, Exertion, Patience of Job, Aktiengesellschaft, Rat race, Consortium, Determination, Restraint of trade, Manufacturing, Plodding, Obstinacy, Partnership, Ardor, Commercial affairs, Insistence, Concern, Strenuousness, Application, Stubbornness, Insistency, Grind, Production, Moil, Firm, Manual labor, Assiduity, Determination, Public utility, Fabrication, Steadfastness, Corporation, Travail, The marketplace, Balance of trade, Stock company, Fervor, Tirelessness, Staying power, Conglomerate, Persistence, Industriousness, Cartel, Construction, Patience, Body corporate, Engrossment, Slogging, Industriousness, Marketing, Sedulity, Copartnership, Trust, Unswerving attention, Task, Bulldog tenacity, Syndicate, Steadiness, Pertinaciousness, Unilateral trade, Assiduousness, Employment, Fatigue, Plugging, Drudgery, Conscientiousness, Stick-to-itiveness, Lick of work, Corporate body, Stroke, Trade, Thoroughgoingness, Stamina, Tenaciousness, Hard work, House, Multilateral trade, Mercantile business, Tiresome work, Intercourse, Energy, Business establishment, Diligence, Steadiness, Sedulity, Doggedness, Persistence, Merchantry, Dynamism, Painstakingness, Earnestness, Consolidating company, Preoccupation, Fair trade, Endurance, Singleness of purpose, Unremittingness, Rigorousness, Pool, Joint-stock association, Small business, Treadmill, Sweat, Pertinacity, Tenacity, Dealings, Application, Diligence, Dogged perseverance, Vigor, Business dealings, Chamber of commerce, Laboriousness, Scut work, Handiwork, Dirty work, Dealing, Company, Energeticalness, The business world, Free trade, Traffic, Truck, Loyalty, Trade association, Vehemence, Painstaking, Permanence, Business, Spadework, Resolution, Persistency, Zealousness, Conglomerate corporation, Relentlessness, Perseverance, Fag, Joint-stock company, Perseverance, Fidelity, Stroke of work, Combine, Handwork, Thoroughness, Activity, Bustle, Toil, Aktiebolag, Big business, Reciprocal trade, Commercial relations, Sedulousness, Stability, Slavery, Single-mindedness, Market, Sedulousness, Effort, Pertinacity, Assiduity, Enterprise, Pains, Rigour, Constancy, Holding company, Production, Indefatigability, Compagnie, Lick

How to use Industry in a sentence?

  1. Colorado's cannabis industry has many problems, the most important of which is that cannabis still violates federal law.
  2. After the recession of 2007-08, the auto industry benefited from a hefty bailout package that brought in money that should have saved jobs and the local economy.
  3. The kitchen has become an industrial hub.
  4. John has worked in the automotive industry for over fifteen years, doing everything from auto repairs to commissions to sales.
  5. American industrial competition.

Meaning of Industry & Industry Definition

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How To Define Industry?

Industry is a group of companies related to their core business activities. In the modern economy, there are dozens of industries, which are often divided into large categories by the name of industries.

  • Similar businesses are divided into sectors and there are many different sectors such as department stores and shoe stores.
  • Industry grouping is based on the key products that the company manufactures and sells. Industries are now divided into sectors.
  • The US Industrial Rating System is a standard rating system used by government agencies to categorize companies into sectors or industries.

Meanings of Industry

  1. Economic activities related to the manufacture of raw materials and equipment in factories.

Sentences of Industry

  1. American industrial competitive industry

  2. The kitchen has become an industry hub


What is The Meaning of Industry?

An industry is a group of companies related to their major business activities. In the modern economy, there are dozens of industries classified, often divided into large categories called industries.

  • Similar businesses are divided into sectors, and there are many different sectors, such as department stores and tailoring.
  • Sector grouping is based on the key products that the company manufactures and markets. The branches are now divided into sectors.
  • The North American Industry Rating System is a standard rating system used by government agencies to rank companies in sectors or industries.

Meanings of Industry

  1. Economic activities related to processing of raw materials and manufacture of goods in factories.

Sentences of Industry

  1. New investment incentives for UK industry

Synonyms of Industry

continuance, labour, perseveration, productiveness, busyness, vigour



  1. Industry can be defined as, Will Canton specializes in investment and business legislation and regulation. Prior to that, he was a senior author at Investopedia and Kapitall Wire, and earned an MA and PhD in Economics from the New School for Social Research. Doctor of Philosophy of English Literature from NYU.

    • Similar businesses are grouped into sectors, and there are many different sectors, such as department stores and tailoring.
    • Industrial groupings are based on the key products that the company manufactures and sells. The branches are now divided into sections.
    • The North American Industry Rating System is a standard rating system used by government agencies to rank companies in sectors or industries.

Sentences of Industry

  1. The kitchen industry has become the center of attention.