Industry Superannuation

Industry Superannuation,

Industry Superannuation:

Meaning of Industry Superannuation: Retirement pensions based on assignments or production contracts or industry-wide retirement benefit plans rather than jobs or companies.

Literal Meanings of Industry Superannuation


Meanings of Industry:
  1. Economic activities related to the manufacture of raw materials and equipment in factories.

Sentences of Industry
  1. American industrial competition

  2. The kitchen has become an industry hub

Synonyms of Industry

perseverance, sedulousness, steadiness, rigour, rigorousness, diligence, pertinacity, assiduity, application, hard work, manufacturing, production, construction, conscientiousness, sedulity, persistence, tirelessness, industriousness, determination, fabrication


Meanings of Superannuation:
  1. Regular fund payments by employees for future retirement.

Sentences of Superannuation
  1. Stipend amount

Synonyms of Superannuation

superannuation, annuity