Definition of Industrial:

  1. Sector related or features

  2. It is associated with or refers to a kind of heavy and compact rock that sounds like an industrial machine.

  3. A very large number or extension.

  4. Shares in industrial companies

  5. The general term is used to describe aspects of an industry or company that participates in an industry, manufactures products such as industrial workers or industrial pollution. It also refers to the characteristic of something that describes the relationship with an industry, such as: industrial power, industrial country or industrial development.

Synonyms of Industrial

Merchant, Business, Pro, Professional, Formational, Wholesale, Commercial, Creational, Trading, Technical, Fabricational, Manufacturing, Productional, Functional, Vocational, Manufacturing, Executional, Official, Factory, Retail, Mercantile, Trade

How to use Industrial in a sentence?

  1. We analyze tax avoidance on an industrial scale.
  2. Although Nasdaq is at ٪ 9, this year's share price has risen 60 ris to 70, beating other Dow Jones industrialists.
  3. Small industrial town.
  4. If you work in an industrial environment, make sure you know all the right steps to take in an emergency.
  5. I suggest investigating the industrial components of our supply chain, as there are many unacceptable logistical errors.
  6. The Industrial Revolution was driven by the rapid growth of business, especially in textile factories and mills located in North America.
  7. Strong industrial dance music.

Meaning of Industrial & Industrial Definition

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