Industrial union

Industrial union,

Definition of Industrial union:

  1. Collective bargaining association open to all workers in an industry, regardless of their specific skills, functions, and job responsibilities. An oil workers industrial union, for example, would include those involved in exploration, extraction, storage, refining, transport, and other areas associated with oil or petroleum industry. See also trade union.

How to use Industrial union in a sentence?

  1. To protect the rights of workers who may not be able to get fair wages and benefits on their own, industrial union s step in and allow workers to harness an advantage they would not have had otherwise.
  2. You may find that there are workers who want to join the industrial union and they will be asking you to treat them better.
  3. Due to recent economic hardships, the factory desired to replace human workers with robots to cut costs, however their plan was stopped by the industrial union .

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