Industrial Output

Industrial Output,

What is Industrial Output?

  • Industrial Output means: It is a sign of future economic growth because it is a product of a country.

Literal Meanings of Industrial Output


Meanings of Industrial:
  1. Shares in industrial companies

  2. Industry-linked or molded.

  3. Too big in size or quantity.

  4. It refers to a kind of loud, non-controversial rock music that has a sound produced by industrial machines.

Sentences of Industrial
  1. While Nasdaq is down 9%, its share price has risen 60% this year to 70, surpassing the other Dow Jones Industrial Average.

  2. Small industrial town

  3. We are facing tax evasion on an industrial scale

  4. Strong industrial dance music

Synonyms of Industrial

factory, manufacturing


Meanings of Output:
  1. Create, transfer, or provide (data) with a computer or other device.

  2. Quantities produced by a person, machine or industry.

  3. Where electricity or information enters a system.

Sentences of Output
  1. Can send photos directly to the video recording system

  2. Talent can be more profitable

  3. The rear is fully standard and includes digital and analog audio outputs, power interfaces and connections, and pin jumpers.

Synonyms of Output

harvest, gross national product, amount produced, achievement, gross domestic product, volume, product, production, yield, out-turn, return, quantity produced, accomplishment, solutions